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Bruxelles, Belgium

lundi 14 mai 2012

Original Book

Original Book / Le le photocopillage tue enrichit le livre. Ondine Vermenot and I decided to experiment and to work against the idea that photocopying someone’s work doesn’t deteriorate it nor diminish it but make it richer and more interessing. Photocopying can bring to the work a lot of added value, a second view on someone’s work, a second life. Without even talking about re-interpreting someone’s work, photocopying allow to share culture and knowledge. Applying that concept we decided to copy our own work in non digital ways, to alienate the original one, resulting in a completely different copy. One of us took pictures and afterwards the other, using a lighting table, reproduced those pictures into felt pen illustrations. It’s almost like we created a human photocopier. The process of copying by human hand make the copying act less alienation and formal, the illustrations are impulsive, raw contrasting with the stillness and frozen aspect of photography. The contrast of the perfect and imperfect. We even pushed the concept till the point of one of us wrote the texts in french and the other one translating it into english. We also decided to print the booklet in multiples copies, pushing even further the act of copying, the original work, printed, imposed correctly, then photocopying it and re-binding it without respecting the original imposition creating another book, completely alike but at the same time completely different in color, and then photocopying again the copy, messing even more the pages order. Mixing those two completely different techniques produced a surprising result. While we are able to recognize the original picture when we see the illustration, the two are both identical and utterly opposed.

mercredi 9 mai 2012